BARE : A women empowerment initiative from Beautybyrosh @ Mount Lavinia Hotel, Colombo



It’s an event like you’ve never seen before in Sri Lanka! It’s a two-fold idea. Combining my passion for women empowerment and beauty. Yes how great is that? I’ve been working with women empowerment campaigns and initiatives for several years now encouraging women to embrace their self-worth and also to work towards a healthy and happy life. I’d like to create an event where I can empower women through beauty teaching them how to take care of themselves!

My hope is to inspire women with my story and outlook on life. So I am creating this event which will combine looking into both outer and inner beauty which in turn will help women to feel and look better. I do believe that outer appearance too play a huge role in how we see ourselves and how we feel.

Drawing from my own personal experiences I have been speaking at WomenWill for 3 years now which is a Google initiative. In the same way I hope to inspire more women in this journey in both Australia & Sri Lanka.

What I hope to Achieve? I want a to encourage people to embrace beauty in diversity and in turn hopefully start creating a society that is more accepting. Small steps towards a greater goal.

I’d like to encourage Sri Lankan women to embrace their skin tone and understand beauty in a more international outlook. In an article I wrote for the Huffington Post I talk about this notion of grass is greener on the other side. Western women are always trying to be tanner while we are always trying to be fairer. But instead we should embrace our unique beauty.

We should only be trying to enhance our beauty with regular skin care routines, makeup etc. instead of only defining beauty as a colour. These are some pressing issues I’d like to touch upon and break the damaging myths about beauty!

I also want to speak about the misconceptions we have about cosmetic surgery, which I believe are very taboo topics in Sri Lanka. I myself have got numerous procedures done and I like to be up front and open about it, helping women to not feel so conscious about what others may say about it. I think we should learn what is our business and what is not. I feel we live in the clutches of society and remain unhappy cause of the pressure we feel to conform.

In this forum I’d like to speak about my understanding of beauty and also give women a real look into what my skin care journey has been like. In terms of outer beauty - I will do a demo of a skin care routine which you can do at home as well as speak about treatments they can get done with a professional such as an aesthetician, beautician or a doctor. This would be a pre masterclass knowledge based event. More like a pre makeup prep before what I will teach at my Masterclass. I’d also speak about the importance of taking care of one’s skin and teach women how to with dos and don’ts along with tips and tricks I know. I will also give product recommendations and different skin care routines.

Introduction to BARE
Inner beauty
- My personal story of abuse, depression and divorce

-Importance of taking care of your mental health

-What help is out there?

-What role society plays in your life?

-Taboo of non-conforming in Sri Lanka

-Talk by The Mind Manager (Shenelle De Almeida)

Outer beauty
-Sri Lanka and Colourism

-Misconceptions about plastic surgery and enhancements

-Society and it’s norm of what you should be

-Beautiful in any size shape or colour! And also in any changes you do yourself

-Embrace you!

Talk from my sponsors
Lush skin Clique
Skin care demo by me
-Importance of taking care of your skin and a LIVE demo on stage


LUSH Skin Clinique
The Mind Manager

BARE Rs 3000
Bundle (masterclass + BARE) Rs 6500

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13/06/2020 - 04:00 PM
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