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This is a story about the very first relationship that ever happened in this world, the relationshipbetween a man and a woman or now, as sanctified by us, a relationship between a husband and awife.Amrita, a quintessential housewife is happily married to Vikram, an ambitious man. She loves himdearly. His success is her success and his failure is her failure. She believes that this is a choicethat she has made for herself and is happily willing to put herself second to him. She also believesthat Vikram loves her as dearly and her happiness means as much to him. So what happenswhen, one day, the man she loves so much betrays her in a single moment with a single action?What happens when one day, Vikram, who as previously mentioned to be ambitious, a positivequality for a man, hits his loving wife in front of their whole world, one hard slap across her face,when his ambition is threatened and his position questioned? Amrita feels betrayed and shockedbut what shocks her even more is that almost no-one else, including Vikram, believes that what hedid is serious act of betrayal towards her. Not many stop to think let alone say that if Vikram’sambition was being threatened, if his hard work was being betrayed then he should have hit out atthe people who were responsible for it and not at his wife who supported him with herunconditional time and selfless love.Thappad is a film that questions the very basis of man and woman relationship. Is it really arelationship between equals? When a woman thinks she made a choice to marry and love a manis it really a choice or is it actually a duty that she’s getting tied to? The slap is just the catalystthat gets Amrita to question her own choices and see Vikram for who he really is. Under the garbof a city bred liberal man, which he is to a fault when things are going his way like a lot of men wemeet, he did make the very chauvinist, entitled choice of striking the weakest person because shewould have no choice but to be OK with it, the minute his world was threatened.The slap itself while a reality for Amrita becomes a metaphor for other problems being faced by ahost of women connected to Amrita’s life like her mother, her brother’s fiancé, her neighbour whois a single mother and a successful corporate woman, her maid and finally her lawyer who is alsoa women’s rights activist. For some this slap is a fight against their own regressive mentalconditioning for other’s it’s a fight against the society’s dos and don’ts. For some it’s a moralconflict between standing their ground vs supporting their man for others its a grave issue likedomestic abuse and marital rape.While Amrita goes onto fight her husband and his family, her own family, but most importantlyherself to exercise her right to choice, it forces these other women towards change too. They all,in their own way, take a step forward for themselves and see the difference between having achoice and having the strength to make the choice.Thappad is really a slap for all women who continue to labour under injustices by hiding undersome justification either self made or dictated by society. It is probably their wakeup call as thefight is rarely between a man and a woman, the fight is mostly between you and your self, andthat’s the fight that the film Thappad celebrates.

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