Rookada Panchi

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07:00 PM


Rating : General Audiences (G)


11-year-old Rangi is the only daughter in an upper-class family, living in Colombo suburbs. Her favourite hobbies are quizzing and ventriloquizing with hand puppets. Suddenly, Rangi’s mother falls ill and her parents had to travel overseas to seek treatment. Rangi and her only brother, 8-year-old Sasa are placed under the care of Rangi’s Aunt and her husband. Rangi’s uncle owns a five-star hotel on the southern coastline and he takes Rangi and Sasa to his hotel for a brief stay, along with Aunty and her two-year-old baby. While staying in the hotel, Rangi comes across a Carnival on the beach, located next to Uncle’s hotel, and goes there with Sasa without informing uncle and aunt. Rangi and Sasa befriend the carnival owner, an entertainer named “Uncle Louis” and frequently visit the carnival under uncle and aunt’s supervision. From there, unfolds an adventure that changes both Rangi’s and Uncle Louis’ lives forever.